Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Disaster strikes!

Well I just signed into blogger to see all your lovely creations and it tells me that I currently don't follow any blogs. Where hav they all gone?? I am puzzled and will have to start all over again so forgive me! Off to find me some blogs to follow.


Poppy said...

I too have just signed in an I'm ot following any blogs so I think it must be a problem with blogger, hope

Rach said...

mine is the same sweetie, think that mr blogger is playing silly

Rach said...

if you use google reader, you can still see all the blogs you follow

Georgia said...

Hi Caroline,
This happened to me this morning so I logged out of Blogger, and then re-booted the internet and then logged back in again and the list of blogs that I follow
came back. Maybe it's just temporary, like mine was.
Hope it sorts itself out for you! :)
Love, Georgia xx

jacque4u2c said...

If you sign out and sign back in- sometimes that will take care of it. I seem to get that error alot!