Friday, 18 July 2008

Gifts for Playgroup helpers!

I bought some choclate and replaced the wrappers with ones that I had made. I thought it would be better than just buying 1 gift. And got to do some crafting which is always a bonus.
My baby will be 3 soon then off to school in september so it is really sad he is leaving Little Songbirds Playgroup!


Tara said...

Aw, what a lovely thought Caroline and so personal! xx

Vicki said...

Caroline these are fab, such a lovely personal touch, must have taken you ages, I bet the teachers will love them. I'm sure Cody will love his new school, I wish him all the very best. xx vicki xx

Karen said...

Caroline, these are wonderful, such a lovely thought. All the best to Cody in his new school.

Karen x

P.S. I know I keep telling you - but I have not forgotten about you!! - just not enough hours in the day.

Karen said...

Hi Caroline,

Sorry, no idea about the Meez, my daughter put it there and I did not know anything about it. I will ask her to leave you a message explaining it when I see her next.

Karen x

All Pink girl said...

Wow these are gorgeous what a fab idea ,Dawnx

Emma said...

What a brilliant idea and something they can keep...after scoffing the chocolate obviously! Hugs Emma.x