Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Pretty Kitty

Image thanks to Vicki. Although i love these colors I was a little worried it was to dark. But the lady came to collect and loved it!


Vicki said...

Hey you....I found you. Well done on a fab blog, love your Meez...hehe!! clever girly. You know you've done it now, this blogging lark is soooooo addictive but you'll love it. Fabby card, glad to have been of some!!! Welcome to blogland, enjoy, have fun, get hooked on all those other fab blogs out there. Shall be back visiting you now I know where you are. xx vicki xx

Karen said...

Hi Caroline,

This card is stunning, love the colours, everything I seem to have done lately is with pastels so it is refreshing to see something in different colours.

Welcome to blogland, this will probably take over your life now!!

Karen x